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The best in the region for learning combat martial arts.

Kids Krav Maga

San Soo Tulsa’s Kids program focuses on mental skills to avoid a situation and physical skills for when it becomes necessary. Our program encourages goal setting, building confidence and instilling self discipline to help bully proof your child. 

Children 8 to 12 can attend Krav Maga, Kung Fu San Soo,and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga at San Soo Tulsa has five Black Belt instructors certified to teach Civilian, Law Enforcement and Military Krav Maga. Eight Green Belt instructors certified to teach Civilian Krav Maga. Professional instructors constantly working and learning to better prepare our students for modern dangers.


Kickboxing makes you think quickly on your feet working your agility, balance and conditioning. Our classes are suitable for a beginner, a fighter or someone just looking to get in amazing shape. Try a class for free today! 

Brazilian jiu jitsu

On the ground, physical strength can be offset or enhanced by a person experienced in BJJ who knows how to maximize force using mechanical strength instead of pure physical strength. Since there is a high probability a fight will go to the ground. BJJ is an important asset to your skills. BJJ is a great art for those who like to compete.

Kung Fu San Soo

Kung Fu San Soo classes focus on the pure application of fighting techniques.  Kung Fu San Soo has no boundaries, no rules, and no limit when it comes to target, technique or method of engagement. It’s sole purpose is to win in combat. San Soo provides you fighting skills encompassing strikes, leverages, and throws. You will have the opportunity to learn and perform an abundance of martial arts exercises, drills, and hand and weapon forms. Call us today and get started now.

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Book a Workshop!

We offer 2 to 16 hour Krav Maga Workshops. Book one for your church, company,  family or group of friends. The event can be at your facility or ours.

Your safety is in your hands when help is minutes away.

No one is more committed or more capable of preparing you and your family with efficient and effective self defense. We emphasise the fact that no two situations are alike. Our approach to self-defense centers on the no nonsense understanding of what fighting for survival truly means. Go to our sign-up section and enroll in our free 3 day guest pass. 

Mastro Defense coupled with FMA concepts are a great addition to any police officer, military personnel  and student of self defense skill set.  Patrick Odle brings situational reality to his training. Current students receive 10% discount. Current military, police & 1st Responders receive 15% discount. Contact us for online discount codes.

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We would rather be warriors in a garden…
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