Providing the best  combat martial arts and personal defense training in the region.

Welcome to San Soo Tulsa! We appreciate your time and the choices you are making for your family’s or yourself’s personal safety and fitness. We are life long martial artist who want you to excel. We are confident our certified professional instructors can get you to the level of skill and fitness you seek. To help you make an informed decision, we provide everyone a Free 3 Day Guest Pass. The guest pass allows  you to attend all public classes for the day you come in.

San Soo Tulsa teaches ages 10 and up Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing and Kung Fu San Soo and so much more. Scrolling below will provide you information on those classes. Our schedules and prices are found in the above menu. Note the Unlimited Program provides the student the opportunity to attend all of the scheduled classes each day. You experience this program when you use the free 3 Day Guest Pass. Generous discount for current military and/or 1st responders. Also discounts for families.


Enroll in virtual classes and you will have access to the Kickboxing, Krav Maga, BJJ, San Soo, FMA and more video workouts 24/7. The training and workouts will be available on any device that can access this site’s Lessons page. Adding our lessons each day into your daily routine helps to keep you moving and provide beneficial accomplishment to your day. Set a time each day to get up and do a workout. Involve your family or roommates. 

We provide Krav Maga classes, workshops and private lessons with certified and experienced instructors.

Krav Maga is designed to get you in shape and prepare you for the modern predator.

We must realize that a personal defense situation is actually an ambush.  If not properly trained, the individual will freeze, tense up and hold their breath. None of which are good if  you have to fight or take flight. Our Krav Maga training prepares you for the encounter we hope never comes.

It is easy to try with our Free 3 Day Guest Pass. You can sign up online or at the studio. Come see and experience for  yourself why San Soo Tulsa’s programs are considered one of Tulsa’s best kept personal defense secrets.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is designed to use the science of leverage and body mechanics to isolate the opponent’s weakness on the ground. It is especially advocated for women as part of their self defense training.

Empower yourself! Attend any class Monday through Thursday. Our Black Belt instructors will train and coach you to success.

Kung Fu San Soo classes focus on the pure application of fighting techniques.  Kung Fu San Soo has no boundaries, no rules, and no limit when it comes to target, technique or method of engagement. It’s sole purpose is to win in combat. San Soo provides you fighting skills encompassing strikes, leverages, and throws.

Kung fu San Soo is steeped in tradition. You will have the opportunity to learn and perform an abundance of martial arts exercises, drills, plus hand and weapon forms. Experience the power of San Soo. Register online for our free three day guest pass today. 

One of  our most popular programs is Kickboxing. One of the reasons is our instructors have considerable experience and successful records in the ring. Students, regardless of their desire to spar or fight in the ring, are trained properly as if they were. Kickboxing is a great way to burn hundreds of calories and remove stress. Looking for something different for a workout or want to test yourself in the ring. Try a class Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Try it for free with our free 3 day guest pass. Sign up on line and get started today!

Your safety is in your hands when help is minutes away.

No one is more committed or more capable of preparing you and your family with efficient and effective self defense. We emphasise the fact that no two situations are alike. Our approach to self-defense centers on the no nonsense understanding of what fighting for survival truly means. Go to our sign-up section and enroll in our free 3 day guest pass. 

Click on the pull down menu below and choose which particular program you are interested in. We are happy to assist you on your martial arts journey. Thank you for your time checking us out. You can sign up for our free three day guest pass and experience all our programs for yourself.

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